DRIVE Boston Community Resources, Inc. is a certified 501c3 charitable organization headquartered in Boston, MA. 

In addition to and in coordination with our advocacy and resource based initiatives, we provide charitable relief in a wide range of forms to communities experiencing systematic oppression and inequalities.

From basic living supplies to toy drives, we are known for our work lifting up the disenfranchised and working with people of all ages to provide them with a brighter, safer, and more hopeful tomorrow.

We are pleased to collaborate with leading foundations and organizations to maximize the impact of their charitable donations and priorities.

We are the “missing link” for many funders to the populations and causes that they are aiming to empower and support. From the formerly incarcerated to families facing food scarcity and homelessness, we are on the frontlines providing resources and information that individuals and neighborhoods need to survive and to thrive.

We are an authentic, grassroots organization that has been created by leaders and organizers of our community who know how to advance our community forward.

DRIVE Boston has a collection of community and general options for giving.

If you’re interested in contributing, please contact [email protected]